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The son of God - The creator of the universe. He himself is God but didnot consider equality with God as something to cling to. Through humility and His Love for you and me He became flesh to pay the penalties of our disobedience and sin.  So meet Jesus Christ my Lord And Savoir. Let Him into your life today, He is ready for you, Just invite Him in and He will come. You need Him to save you. From what you may ask, from the wages of sin and judgement. Because after you die there is Jugdement. Death is not the end.


Donot be decieved. Death is not the end

After you die there is judgement. You will answer to your creator. God. Most people have the luxury of saying they do not beilive in The God of creation, so that they can do whatever they want. No one to answer to. They argue that everything just appeared and evolved. That doesn't make sense. As if an intricate human being like yourself could just happen without a plan. Everything around you and the happenings of life testify that you couldn't have sprung up from nothing, more so a toad or worm from the sea. You were created by God in His own image. You are creative, resourceful and free willed. You have a body, soul and spirit. That didnt just happen.

If you don't believe that something exists that exist, that doesn't change the fact that is exists. If you dont believe you can die, it doesn't change the fact that when your head is cut off you will die. God created you, the spirit in you testifies to that. That spirit is the real you. This bod is a shell that give you permission to interact with the physical realm or world. Lots off people have had an out of body experiences that prove that death is not the end. There are lots of examples all around the world, places with strange demonic ceremonies to do this very thing we are talking about.  But that won't benefit you. You can feel there is something more, there is a void you have tried to fill with all sorts of things, it won't work. Only Jesus can fill that void.


Our sins and why we need Jesus

So we know there is a God that created us. This God is pure, just, love, all powerful and true. He is our begining but He has no begining. His power is limitless. No being He created can challenge Him. Lucifer tried, and he lost. God made man in His own image. The first man Adam and from His ribs Eve, the first woman. He created earth for them and told them to have total dominion over it. In other words , earth was a birthday gift to us from God. To rule and have everything obey us. But adam and eve disobeyed God and as a result sin came into the word. God is a just God. Therefore man had to be punished, as a result we lost the control over earth to satan, we were cut off from God's presence.  

But man was created to be in connection with God. After man's sin, we became disconnected from God, afraid, corrupted and also we lost the power of dominion over the earth He created for us. God didnt want that, He couldn't interfere because he had already given dominion over earth to man and also sin cannot go unpunished. As a result, He gave up His son Jesus Christ , who Himself is God as a ransom , to die for our sins so that we will be saved through Him. If by one man's disobedience everyone fell into sin, then by one man's obedience we are all saved.  Jesus had to come in the flesh to die because in this our world, only those with a physical body have the legal right to be here.  By humbling Himself unto death, Jesus overcame the devil and took what He stole from adam for us. He restored our connection with God through the indewlling of the Holy Spirit. So that if anyone believes in Jesus Christ as our savior and confesses it with his mouth, that person will be saved and God will come and dwell in Him.  God went through this elaborate plan so that He could legally save us. The devil who decieved our ancestors to sin is still lurking around. He wants you to face jugdement with him. He sinned and was cast down from heaven. He is awaitin his judgement from God and he wants you to join Him. Jesus has giving you a way out by sacrificing himself for you. You can be saved if only you will take the step. Today is your best day. Now is you time of deliverance. Do not push it to tomorrow. Tomorrows is not yours, though it will certainly come, it might not meet you alive.


Tommorrow might be too late

Don't hold unto death anyomore. Choose life today and it is simple. Pray this simple prayer Out Loud. Jesus Christ I accept that I am a sinner. I believe you came to die for my sins. Please forgive me my sins. I accept you as my Lord and my savoir. Come and live in me. Amen.

If you have prayed this prayer you are now born again. The spirit within you is born again. Find a Bible believing church and join. You need to be taught the word of God, to build your faith and to be baptised in the Holy Spirit. Contact us or view our resources page for resources as a new convert.

God Loves You Dearly. Are You Aware.

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