An embassy of the Kingdom Of Heaven

We are a Jesus Loving , Bible Believing, Truth teaching embassy of the Kingdom of God, that believe we are all one. We meet for pure worship of our savior Jesus Christ. We Meet to share true life stories that will energize your walk with Christ. We meet to pray, to learn , to bask in His presence and show love to those in need. 

It doesn't matter the church you belong to. You can join our services

As an embassy of the kingdom of God, we undertake our given mandate while we meet to pray together, listen to our stories  and worship our God in truth and in spirit. At TWGF we have been called to water the garden of our Lord Jesus Christ while preparing His people for the harvest.

We have faith that our God can provide all your needs. We believe in the truth of His word and we obey His comand to love. Like a gardener tends to His garden,  we always nourish our members with the true word Of God, love and help them realize the purpose of God for Their lives.

Jesus loves you and He is waiting to connect with you. If you don't know Him yet, meet Him now.

Meet Jesus

If you die now, where will you go?

If you don't have a positive answer to this question then you should stop, sit and reflect. Take stock of your life and make amends now.

The devil is always working out to snatch your soul. He doesn't stop or go on vacation. That is why you must always be on your gaurd.

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God Loves You Dearly. Are You Aware.

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